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Our giant chess sets daze and amaze young chess players. Ranging from smaller to larger boards and pieces, these sets are no doubt a hit with our students. we make it a habbit to set up our giant chess sets in each and every class for our students who just want to break away from the standard table chess boards and just have fun playing a game of GIANT CHESS!


We don't believe that chess has to be serious all the time. Sometimes our students just want to break away from regular table play and sit on the floor or go outside at one of our chruch facilities and play a life size game. Our giant sets provide a perfect and fun way to allow our kids and adults to have fun but still focus on the important educational values of the game. 


As seen on the left, Coach Hudson enjoys instructing two of our students in a traditional game played on one of our indoor mini GIANT chess sets (ohhhh Yeahhh, they get a lot bigger than that)!!!

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