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In Class

Our students (child or adult) learn the basic fundamentals needed to be a successful chess player. We teach beginning to advanced skill level and standard concepts. Our purpose is to make sure each participant has a thorough understanding of the game.

​While we want our student to be winners and leaders of chess, able to compete with other great players, our goal is simple, HAVE FUN! We don't believe in presenting pressure or stress which can sometimes take over the purpose of the game.  Church Chess believes that we should be as focused and prepared for each game as possible but when that test is over, we walk away winners because we simply completed the challenge and that makes us victorious! 







Regular Chess


This is our standard game of chess. In regular chess we encourage concentration and focus to promote good decision making. This is a non-timed game, we allow players to take as much time as they need to make good decisions. This is the most common style of chess. While watching the board closely, students are learning tactical thinking and exercising patience before each move.  

Tournament Chess


Tournament Chess is where our students compete in a formal or non-formal friendly competition to test their knowledge and understanding of the game against their peers. All tournaments are evenly paired by score or rating. Church Chess promotes preparation and practice for our students. Winning is a great feeling when you know you've done your best to prepare for the challenges ahead and we give our students the tools needed to be ready and WIN!


A Quote From "Shark Tank's" Daymond John

Life Is Like A Game OF Chess


Bughouse is by far most of our students #1 choice chess game. It's fun, fast and silly. We like bughouse because it promotes team building and working together to achieve a common goal. Bughouse is played with four people and two chess boards. The two people on sides with each other are partners but play opposite colors. You play just as if you were playing regular chess but the difference is when you capture a piece, you give that piece to your partner and he or she can choose to move a piece they already have or drop the newly captured piece on the board for a checkmating position. Bughouse is a great icebreaker for introductions and getting to know your peers. This form of chess teaches students how to get to know each other and encourages great social skill building as-well-as team work.

Blitz Chess


Blitz is our most intense form of chess. This form of chess is played with a clock or timer and is usually fast paced. Each person is given a set time on the clock to make a move until one person is checkmated or one person runs out of time. Both players start with the same amount of time which can range from 1 hour to 5 minutes or less. Your goal is to checkmate your opponent or make his/her clock run out (by making them think longer) before yours does. Blitz is great because it promotes quick thinking and decision making. In life we sometimes have deadlines and due dates, blitz prepares you for those crucial moments where you have to make a good judgment, FAST!

Blind Fold Chess


This form of chess requires you to remember where the pieces are located on the board and where you last moved, what piece. WOW, Blind fold chess is strictly for fun and memorization. Only our sharpest students dare try and remember the entire board including their opponent's moves with the purpose of gettting Checkmate! Players are given one board just as they are with regular chess but the board has no pieces on it. A recorder has a board which they can see and they record all of the movements from the blank board of the players. Blind fold chess is proven to increase memory and pattern recognition. Some players are able to play out as far as 25-30 moves while others can only make 3 moves before making a mistake. Blind fold chess promotes muscle memory, Brain Muscle!

Musical Chairs Chess

We believe in making chess fun and exciting and what better way to do that than to have a silly game of Musical Chairs Chess? The students circle around the table until the music stops and then they must sit in a seat at what ever board they land at and play the game that someone else started. Who will be checkmated first and who will be left standing????? You just never know with Church Chess.

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